Activated charcoal on the skin: all the benefits

Activated charcoal, until recently, was commonly associated only with those products useful for those suffering from digestive problems. In recent years, however, has taken an important role in the field of beauty. In fact, there are many benefits of charcoal on the skin, let’s discover them together.

What is Activated charcoal?

The charcoal is also known as activated carbon or activated carbon. It is a natural substance that looks like a very porous black powder, odorless and tasteless. It is obtained from the processing of various types of wood, such as willow, poplar, and birch, or from its processing waste. Its production process consists first of combustion in an oxygen-free environment and at very high temperatures, then in the presence of water vapor, air or gas in order to increase its absorption power. Charcoal properties have been known since ancient times, for example as a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal. Find out here Actinera for activated charcoal natural products.

Its porosity makes it a versatile product that can be used in various fields, including the cosmetic field. In fact, it has proved to be a valid ally for cleaning the skin, able to “attract” to the surface any type of impurities. This is why it is often used as a purifying ingredient for many products.

When to use charcoal on the skin?Activated charcoal

We find charcoal for example as a component of masks, scrubs. Applied to the skin, in fact, through the use of these products, allows the elimination of sebum and impurities of the dermis. It has the ability to absorb substances that can give rise to imperfections (sebum, makeup residues, pollution, etc.). These purifying properties, therefore, make it perfect for combination or oily skin, but also for those with dry and sensitive skin, and for those who live in environments polluted by cigarette smoke and smog.

As anticipated, coal dust is present as the main ingredient of face masks. In these, it is often used as a substitute for the classic clay. Because unlike this it does not dry the skin a lot. We also find it in the scrubs, as it favors a natural exfoliation eliminating dead cells. It also gives brightness to the skin, as it has a lightening effect that contributes to obtaining a clearer and healthier skin tone, reducing the appearance of spots and scars.

In order not to lose the results achieved by the charcoal on the skin it is important to also follow a correct diet. There are many purifying foods, which allow you to keep your skin clean and detoxified.

In the world of makeup, on the other hand, it is widely used in organic cosmetics. Thanks to its black color it is used to dye eyeshadows, pencils and eyeliner in a natural way. Moreover, this type of colorant is particularly suitable for those who do not tolerate artificial and mineral pigments.

How to get activated charcoalActivated charcoal

If activated carbon is used for the above-mentioned uses, this is often taken in powder to be dissolved in water, or in tablets or tablets. It can be purchased in herbal medicine, pharmacy and even in large supermarkets. To make it possible to take it even to diabetic people, a sugar-free activated carbon line was also produced.

In all cases, before starting to use it is always advisable to contact your doctor. This product could, in fact, present contraindications.