Activated carbon: The dark side of beauty

Activated carbon: The dark side of beauty

June 20, 2018 Off By Martha Spencer

In this first semester of the year, there is a particular ingredient that has caused a rage among specialists: activated carbon and beauty.

Activated Carbon powerful ingredients for beauty

Do not believe that it is the same one that is used to make a barbecue. It is a type of carbon that is treated with oxygen to increase its ability to attract impurities as if it were a powerful magnet.

A long time ago this product was used in traditional medicine, especially to treat poisoning or poisoning by alcohol or drugs, as it is able to absorb (yes, with d, because it refers to its ability to retain on its surface) toxins and prevent them from reaching the bloodstream.

In the field of beauty meets the same principle, as it captures impurities and takes them with him when he is removed, leaving our skin super clean.

Activated Carbon powerful ingredients

Many brands (both luxury and pharmacy) have taken various products containing activated carbon, from masks to bath gels and soaps, which are especially “magical” for women suffering from acne, oily skin or large pores. Read more

In the case of masks, it is important to take into account two things: first, that the longer you leave it (one hour maximum) it will be more effective because it will give more time to charcoal to attract all the dirty or fat you may have in your face; and second, that you should not use it more than twice a week because it can dry out your skin.

Right now the most famous are those that are placed in the nose to remove the black spots (most of them of Korean origin) … I confess that I tried one and, although it did not take them all away, it did make a big difference (and if you put a thick layer, nothing hurts to remove it, unlike the bands).

Another use that is given to activated carbon is to whiten teeth. Although in some countries they sell very expensive toothpaste with this ingredient already incorporated, it is best to buy powdered activated carbon and mix a small amount with a little water to achieve a pasty consistency. Then apply it on the teeth (I notice that seeing all your black teeth can be chilling) with the help of a brush, leave it for a while and rinse with plenty of water.

Here I must also clarify two things: first, that this does not replace regular dental cleaning; and the second, that they do not expect miraculous and immediate results, but it is a good alternative for people who have mild spots and suffer from sensitivity with certain chemical products.

And as they say, that beauty is born from the inside out, there are specialists who also recommend people suffering from gastrointestinal problems to add a little powdered activated carbon to the juice of the morning every so often, remembering its original use. However, this is not something that should be done lightly, as it can cause dehydration and can be dangerous for diabetics, so check with your doctor beforehand.

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